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1st Panel - Educommunication, Art and Culture

We are a family owned and operated business.

Professor Amanda Tojal, Ph.D. (ArteInclusão)

“The contribution of the Multisensory Experience to the appreciation of Works of Art of people who are blind or have low vision”.

Architect Ana Assis Pacheco, Ph.D (CEHR / UCP)

Awaits title

Professor Armando Malheiro da Silva, Ph.D (University of Porto)

«Infocommunication and Educommunication with the Blind Person»

Professor Manuel de Azevedo Antunes, Ph.D (ULHT)

Awaits title

Professor Manuel Costa Leite, Ph.D (ULHT)

Awaits title

Professor Zélia Belo Torres, Ph.D (Piaget Institute)

Inclusive Educommunication: Pedagogical Strategies for Students with Low Vision

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