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Typhology Research Center
Augusto Deodato Guerreiro

  • Research, Training and Consultancy in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas of typhlology, as a systematic study on the issue of blindness (as a human and social science), accessibility and usability in the various fields of knowledge, including the
    of socio-museology, with a particular focus on the ergonomic-spatial, socio-communicational and haptic-multisensory, edu-communication and cultural needs of blind people, always from a perspective of quality inclusion and equitable opportunities.

  • Research and development in “Ergonomic - Spatial and Multisensory Studies in Diversity and Equity in Socio Museology”

  • Conducting specific training focused on sociomuseological skills to be developed in equity for blind and visually impaired people.

  • Conducting ergonomic-spatial/cosmic sensory studies

  • Relationship and interaction with the environment, mobility in the environment, autonomy and independence in the morphological and geographical spaces of Vila de Castelo de Vide and historical and cultural surroundings

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