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4th Panel - Spatial, Urban and Web Design Ergonomics, for Orientation and Mobility with Autonomy and Independence

We are a family owned and operated business.

Professor Domingos Rasteiro, Ph.D (Piaget Institute)

«Blind People and Inclusive Cities: An Emerging Need»

Fredric K. Schroeder, Ph.D (President, World Blind Union)

Autonomous Vehicles and the Blind: Expanding Opportunities for Full Integration

Dr. Jorge Fernandes (AMA / Portugal)

«Online Public Services in Portugal: Support Technologies in Parameterizing Accessibility and Usability for People with Visual Disabilities»

Professor Júlio Damas Paiva (Master in Special Education by FMH / ULisboa)

«Orientation and Mobility: Absence of Discourse in this Domain»

Professor Leonor Moniz Pereira, Ph.D (FMH - ULisboa)

Sensory Information in Orientation and Mobility: the Development of the Blind Child in this Context

Dr. Rodrigo Santos (President of the National Directorate of ACAPO)

“Participated administration as a paradigm for the realization of inclusive society - the role and participation of people with visual impairments in the construction of inclusive public policies”

We are a family owned and operated business.

(speakers to be confirmed)

Lic. Matías Ferreyra, President Latin American Union of the Blind (ULAC)

ONCE Museum

Jean Devost, Painter and Sculptor

Fondation Valentin Haüy

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