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3rd Panel - Science and Technology in Habilitation / Rehabilitation Engineering, Accessibility and Usability

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Engineer Edwin Valdes (Executive Director of TifloEduca, Colombia)

Engineering: Universal Design for effective habilitation and rehabilitation

Professor Francisco Godinho, Ph.D (UTAD / SUPERA)

Research in Rehabilitation Engineering for the autonomy of people with visual impairments over time

Professor José António Borges, Ph.D (UFRJ / Brazil)

Mathematics for blind students, from elementary school to the University: an inclusive methodology based on the intensive use of computational tools.

Researcher Professor Maria Romeiras Amado, Ph.D (Institute of Contemporary History / UNLisboa)

«On the Ubiquity of the Virtual in Research: Relevance of Accessibility in the Availability of Historical, Sociological and Cultural Resources Online»

Mestre Vera Rapagão (Raquel and Martin Sain Foundation)

Dealing with a Pandemic: Experiences of Distance Education Aimed at Blind and Low Vision People

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